Management and operation of dedicated centers

Dedicated centers in a variety of fields

Tikshoov’s contact centers touch all areas of life.

Tikshoov centers accompany us in all facets of life, and this challenges us to continue to excel. Because Tikshoov centers connect people to life’s events.

  • Service and information centers

Service and information centers

Tikshoov has dozens of contact centers, providing customers with professional and skilled service and support. The centers are supported by advanced technological systems that help the reps provide excellent, high quality service.

Key Services: General information, technical service & support, scheduling management, updating details.

  • Consumer service centers and support for ecommerce sites

Consumer service centers and support for ecommerce sites

The world of consumerism has rapidly changed and this has led Tikshoov to establish contact centers to support consumers on ecommerce sites. These provide service in all channels (telephone, chat, social networks), leading to operational efficiency and a unified service concept for consumers, as well as providing information and insights on the brands' activities.

  • Appointment scheduling contact centers

Appointment scheduling contact centers

Tikshoov has developed specialization in the field, based on familiarity with consumer behavior in the category and experience working with complex systems. Our systems synchronize appointments between contact centers, branches and districts which are part of large, complex organizations, such as healthcare systems.

Main Services: Automated Appointments Scheduling, ASR speech recognition system, appointment reminder messages, SMS reminders.


  • Sales centers

Sales centers

Tikshoov operates proactive and responsive sales centers in a variety of fields, meeting the goals of our business customers. Each center specializes in a particular product. The team undergoes dedicated professional training in the field, workshops providing sales skills and more.

  • Technical support centers

Technical support centers

Tikshoov manages and operates technical support centers in a variety of areas: Television, internet, infrastructure use, operation of devices and software. The support reps undergo professional training at the highest levels, providing outstanding service.

  • Survey and data optimization centers

Survey and data optimization centers

The Tikshoov survey department works in collaboration with research institutes, providing comprehensive service throughout the research process.

Specialties: Social, health, commercial and political surveys.

Key Services: Election polls, public opinion polls, customer satisfaction surveys, data cleansing

  • Contact centers specializing in health

Contact centers specializing in health

Tikshoov specializes in operating specialized contact centers in the field of health for health funds and hospitals. The centers provide information and advice in the areas of pregnancy and childbirth, Corona, nutrition, preventive medicine and more, while maintaining complete medical confidentiality.