Tikshoov From Home

Professional service center with reps from home

The changing reality has created a new need for flexibility in work. 

  • Companies are aware of the need for business continuity, despite the interruptions created by emergency situations.
  • Home contact centers increase efficiency and enable continuity of service from anywhere, anytime, regardless of geographical location.

Contact centers from home are managed just like any other center. 

Our staff works from home as a way of life, with HQ departments managing their activity using the same methodologies we use in physical centers.

The main advantages of a contact center from home

Continuous service throughout: emergency, routine or new situations

  • Quality manpower
  • Economic efficiency
  • Diverse operating solutions
  • Response in different languages ​​and at peak times
  • Optimal management of work and home life for employees
  • Ad hoc solutions for new needs
  • Rapid reinforcement of manpower

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