Our technologies

Technology is at the heart of Tikshoov

At Tikshoov, our main aim is to develop and design smart communication solutions – ensuring more experiential, enterprising, friendly and effective dialogue.

Tikshoov’s groundbreaking technological capabilities lead the entire industry. We initiate innovations in the field. Our advantage lies in our outstanding manpower and technology subsidiaries, which offer complementary products in the field. We work with leading technology systems such as AVAYA, Nice and more. In February 2021, the ICT Group acquired ITNAVPRO, which serves as a leading integrator in the world of service centers - taking the field to the next level.

  • Contact Center

Contact Center

The Advanced Technology Department at Tikshoov is responsible for continuous refinement and upgrading, and the integration of innovative technological solutions that upgrade the response to the business customer and the service experience of the end consumer. Tikshoov specializes in the world of contact centers and has experience in a wide range of industries.
We bring extensive experience in operating a variety of different internal systems such as CRM, Contact Center systems, knowledge management systems, service applications and more. This gives us the ability to respond quickly and adapt our solutions to our customers’ changing realities.

  • Omnichannel System

Omnichannel System

Our multichannel customer service system is an advanced integrative system adapted to the service challenges of an era in which customer experience is key. The system has diverse capabilities that significantly improve the customer experience, thanks to a detailed reporting interface and the ability to control and monitor all customer inquiries received from various channels. The system reduces the real-time decision-making processes at the contact center.

Our omnichannel system enables the organization to provide a quality and uniform service experience in the various channels: Telephony, chat, email, fax, web, social networks, remote takeover, mobile, transferring and signing documents in real time.

We offer a uniform response in all channels, tailored specifically to each customer. During the customer's contact with the organization, they can switch from one channel to another, while maintaining continuity of customer care.

  • Conversation transcribing and analysis

Conversation transcribing and analysis

Turning conversations into business insights

Service and sales contact centers handle tens of thousands of calls a day. These conversations contain treasures of information: feelings, emotions, opinions, complaints, requests - a rich world of content, which reflects the customer's attitude to the organization. All of these affect purchasing decisions, churn and the general customer experience. In practice, not all conversations can be listened to and a wealth of important information is lost.

In order to overcome these challenges, significant technological development has begun in recent years, enabling a conversation to be translated into text through transcription, and analyzed into important insights, influencing business decision-making.

קרא עוד על Conversation transcribing and analysisHow does it work?
  • Biometric identification

Biometric identification

Working from home requires optimal information security. To this end, we developed a screen darkening solution using biometric identification. As soon as the authorized rep leaves the monitor or an unauthorized person enters the room - the screen is immediately darkened.

  • Voice biometric identification

Voice biometric identification

Voice biometric identification presents customer data at the beginning of the call, shortening the identification process. It is an easy and quick solution for improving customer service.

  • DialMyApp


An application that visually accesses all the service options of the brand / company for customers who have called the contact center. These customers automatically switch to an accessible services menu that allows easy and quick selection of the required service. 


Easy and convenient service experience

  • 24/7 availability
  • Fast and easy information availability
  • All services and communication channels are presented to the customer
  • Supports a variety of languages
  • Menu adapted to operational hours
  • Digital signature on documents

Digital signature on documents

A digital signature, also called an electronic signature, allows customers to manage transactions up to the signing stage, streamline and simplify work processes and sign any document anywhere, anytime. The signature is an encrypted file that is attached to the document that needs to be signed.


A digital signature replaces the regular handwritten signature. This signature is unique to the seal and cannot be forged or transferred. This is a convenient, fast, secure and environmentally friendly solution.