Surveillance Center

Surveillance Center - A great way to keep an eye on the environment

A surveillance center is an active center, manned by observers, who have undergone unique training.The surveillance center identifies events as they occur, as has the ability to identify critical signs and unusual occurrences.

Once an event is identified, the system activates the relevant people in real time.

The surveillance center helps organizations, buildings, farms and private homes improve their security levels.

Unusual incidents are picked up at the call center in real time, and patrol and police forces are immediately alerted, thwarting casualties.

Our surveillance services are tailored to the needs of each client. We offer a customized viewing plan, including the indicative signs, viewing range and critical points, making the contact center’s activity more efficient and accurate.


Types of incidents identified by an observation center:

  • Security - Burglary, terrorist incident, suspicious vehicle, attempted intrusion by a person, riots, crowds.
  • Safety - Fire, life-threatening safety hazards, employee / guest injuries.
  • Logistics - Maintenance work, flooding, weather hazards, system crashes.

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