About Tikshoov


Established in 1996, Tikshoov is the longest standing and leading service company in Israel.

The company specializes in the field of contact centers: Their design, establishment, management and operation in a wide range of industries. The contact centers are built as an outsourcing unit, interfacing with the organization’s existing systems, acting as its
operational arm.

Tikshoov has 36 contact centers across the country with approximately 10,000 employees.

With 700,000 work hours per month, reflecting 14,000,000 service meetings with customers - almost all Israeli citizens are Tikshoov’s customers.

Our excellence and service professionalism stems from our innovative technologies, providing continuous, multi-channel, continuous, accessible communication, advanced equipment, sophisticated knowledge systems and management. Throughout our years of operation, we have been leading the service revolution in the industry, always bringing the next big thing, making the service more convenient and user friendly for consumers and more effective for business customers.

Tikshoov is part of the Tikshoov Group, a leading group in the field of service and communications owned by the Livnat family.


Values shaping our leadership over the years

Thinking outside the box has led the company to realize its mission of leading the field of service centers in Israel. We develop new technologies, keep up to date with leading global trends, offer breakthrough creative thinking and continuously move the field forward.

Service at Tikshoov is a way of life that we cultivate, which has led to great recognition.

Tikshoov is the only service company in Israel with the international quality standard 9001 ISO. In addition, Tikshoov operates according to the following standards: ISO 27001 for Information Management and Security, ISO 27799 for Information Management and Security in Health Centers, and SI 10000 for social responsibility.

Tikshoov’s service centers act as the executive arm of their business customers and are in direct dialogue with their end consumers. We consider ourselves full partners of our business customers and are committed to loyalty, fairness, transparency, availability and business results. This partnership and commitment is expressed in business practice spanning many years.

In an age of rising service demands and standards, we have created a revolution - pushing the boundaries of service and creating excellent customer experiences with high levels of customer satisfaction.

At Tikshoov contact centers, we initiate our customer relationships, getting to know our customers and accurately answering their needs over time in the best way possible. Our goal is to provide outstanding service with the ultimate added value.

The ability to rapidly adapt to change is a key value ​​that influences Tikshoov’s continuous development. In both normal times and emergencies, we manage to respond to customer needs, maintaining full communication.