Technological progress

Innovations for upgrading contact centers

Technology is at the core of service centers. Smart communication solutions upgrade the dialogue and perfect it to an experiential, dynamic, proactive and friendly level - adapting the contact center to ever changing needs.

The technology department at Tikshoov provides solutions for a wide range of customers and has developed world-leading technological capabilities.

  • Technological worldview

Technological worldview

Our technology department is responsible for continuous refinement and integration of innovative technological solutions that upgrade the experience of both the business customer and the end consumer.

We specialize in the world of contact centers with experience in a wide range of industries.

Our experience operating a variety of different internal systems such as CRM, Contact Center systems, knowledge management systems, service applications and more, gives us the ability to respond quickly and adapt our solutions to our customers’ changing realities.

  • Omnichannel technological solutions

Omnichannel technological solutions

We believe that every organization should make all possible communication channels accessible and that customers should be free to choose the channel that is convenient for them.

Multi-channel communication systems make the service accessible in a variety of channels - Chat, email, Facebook, SMS, while creating continuity in the service response to the customer. Everything is possible and can be implemented in all service centers.

  • Integration


Tikshoov’s contact centers operate on many varied systems. Our operating solution combines the organization's internal systems with advanced systems from the field of contact centers. Our technology department is responsible for integrating the various systems – enabling us to offer a complete and continuous service experience.