Hybrid operating method for emergency and routine situations

COVID-19 has transformed our world and our services have changed accordingly.
That’s why today, hybrid operations are the right way to adapt to the changing realities of life. Tikshoov MultiSpace is a hybrid operating method, which combines hotspots from home with physical hotspots, enabling flexible, dynamic management and operation of all work situations: emergencies, routines and unforeseen events.

  • How does it work?

How does it work?

Each contact center operates from both the physical center and from home, to address changing situations. There are reps who specialize in working from home only and other reps in the physical center, who undergo regular training to work from home. They become the "reserve" arm and in case of an emergency / malfunction they can provide an immediate response from home.

  • Dynamic multi-space employee mode

Dynamic multi-space employee mode

Work from home reps

Service reps who work regularly from home - making up 20% of all reps.


Hybrid reps

Permanent employees of the physical center who are assigned to shifts from home on a regular basis for the purpose of maintaining work skills from home. They become the "reserve" arm that can immediately move to working from home in an emergency situation.


How is the hybrid contact center managed?

A professional hybrid operating manager is responsible for the process. This managerial level is specially formulated and relies on the rich knowledge and experience acquired at Tikshoov. This role is critical to the success of any project and in preparing the service for emergency and routine work. With the hybrid contact center, we are setting a new work standard in the industry, ensuring full continuity.

  • Management routines using the Multispace method

Management routines using the Multispace method

The hybrid operator is responsible for four management routines:

  • Managing any workflow from home
  • Managing the "reserve" team with an orderly methodology
  • Training management teams to manage reps from home
  • Formulating an emergency protocol, and diversion of the center to work from home in case of emergency / malfunctions.