360° Consulting and Establishment of Contact Centers

360° Consulting - a winning formula

Tikshoov 360

Establishment, operation and management of a professional, efficient and effective service center requires specific expertise.

Companies and organizations establishing and managing an internal service or sales contact center can benefit from the knowledge and professionalism that Tikshoov brings, upgrading it to the highest levels of efficiency.

Our consultation services cover the main issues in the establishment and operation of a contact center:

Our extensive service umbrella provides managers with an expert that accompanies their continuous performance improvement.


  • Characterization
  • Planning and defining needs
  • Formulation of customized work plans
  • Employee recruitment and training
  • Implementation of management methods
  • Operation
  • Measurement
  • Control and optimization
  • Advice for operating contact centers from home


Our changing reality has created a new need for flexibility in work and finding smart solutions for maintaining business continuity.

Tikshoov's specialization in operating thousands of workstations from home has led to in-depth knowledge of the field.

Tikshoov’s consulting system is relevant for companies that are interested in operating call centers from home or hybrid call centers (home and physical) rather than outsourcing them.

Our team of consultants assists in defining work processes, providing appropriate management systems and methods of working from home.

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