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Tikshoov from home

Professional service center with reps from home

  • Tikshhov from Home was established in 2017 as the first service company to operate and manage contact centers from home.
  • Since COVID 19, our changing reality has created a new need for workplace flexibility and the activities of Tikshoov from Home have rapidly grown.
  • Companies are aware of the need for business continuity. Home service centers increase efficiency and enable service continuity from anywhere, anytime, regardless of geographical location.
  • The contact centers from home are managed just like any other center, with staff working from home as a way of life.
  • Our headquarter departments accompany their activity using our standard methodology, as in a physical center.

The key advantages of a contact center from home

  • Continuous service in any event: Emergency, routine or new situations
  • Quality manpower
  • Economic efficiency
  • Diverse operating solutions
  • Answer in different languages and at peak times
  • Proper management of work and home life for employees
  • Ad hoc solutions for new needs
  • Rapid manpower reinforcement

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Available here as well: 09-8633333 | yanivan@tikshoov.co.il