Walla Shops

The largest e-commerce site in Israel


The Walla! Shops website was established in 1999 and was purchased by the Tikshoov Group in 2018.

It is the largest e-commerce site in Israel containing over 25,000 products from dozens of different categories: electrical products, electronics and computers, home and garden furniture, sports, camping and leisure, fashion and grooming, home and kitchen products and more.

Uniqueness of the site

  • Over 1.5 million visitors a month
  • Contains a wide range of products from every possible category
  • Mailing list that includes hundreds of thousands of surfers
  • Innovative app
  • Attractive daily coupons and deals
  • Walla! Print that allows you to print albums and digital printing products in a personal design

    The Walla! Shops' business customer department provides a personal service to dozens of leading companies in the Israeli economy, who benefit from its purchasing and technological capabilities, the ability to provide digital gift tags for employees and an advanced incentives interface.

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