A new customer experience in the omnichannel era


7twenty develops advanced digital and telephony solutions for enterprises.


The company provides a personal and continuous customer experience in all channels, maximizing sales, streamlining organizational processes while leading to savings using smart tools that enable information analysis and decision-making in real time.

The 7twenty platform creates a personal, continuous customer experience across all channels

  • The platform integrates solutions from the digital world, to enable continuous communication in any channel customers choose. They can switch from one channel to another while retaining continuity of customer care.
  • Using information analysis tools and advanced AI capabilities, the 7twenty platform processes all the information flowing into the organization in real time, enabling decision making and a customized experience.

The changing desires of customers together with the endless capabilities and simple integration of new solutions and channels, ensures rapid adaptation of new technologies. Whether in the branch, on the phone, website or app, the 7twenty platform allows you to get the most out of every customer interaction.


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