Biometric solutions for identifying users with 100% accuracy


The company was established in 2015 by defense professionals, with a rich background in technology, security and intelligence.


Our Services

  • Multisense provides biometric solutions in the worlds of mobile, internet and service contact centers and in all channels where customer identification is required in order to enter the system.
  • The platform is based on fingerprint recognition technology, face recognition, voice, location and pulse.
  • Using this platform eliminates the need for passwords in order to enter the various communication channels and makes the identification process more immediate, simple and secure.

Our Uniqueness

MultiSense brings the world of recognition to the next level!

  • The company enables organizations to create a dynamic, accessible, immediate and secure dialogue with their customers and saves users the hassle of registering and tracking passwords.
  • The entire platform creates a fluid and secure process for everyone’s benefit - using hi-tech to enhance communication.

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