Tikshoov Insurance

In life, you can’t rely on luck. That’s why it's good to have Tikshoov Insurance.

Tikshoov Insurance

Tikshoov Insurance was established in 2014 and provides a unique service to the Group's employees:

  • We offer special conditions and financial guidance, providing knowledge and ongoing training to employees regarding basic concepts, empowering them by deepening their understanding of the insurance world.
  • The company enjoys the experience, knowledge and professionalism of Tikshoov in managing complex service systems, and markets health and risk products of the leading insurance companies in Israel.
  • The connection between the service giant and the insurance giants creates a professional and uncompromising service experience. Each insurance plan is tailored to customer needs, and is done out of the highest professional understanding, thanks to effective working relationships with the insurance companies.

Our Services

  • Health insurance
  • Car insurance - mandatory, comprehensive, third party
  • Home insurance - structure, contents
  • Life insurance
  • Mortgage insurance
  • Individual insurance and risks - health, nursing, personal accidents, serious illness, loss of work ability
  • Supplementing loss of ability to work for retirement

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