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DialMyApp – Call by phone and switch to the app

DialMyApp is an application that provides customers who call with visual access to all the company’s service options. These customers automatically switch to an accessible service menu that enables easy and fast selection of the requested service.

Benefits of the app for your business


  • Self-service accessibility - instead of continuing with a phone call, switch to a fast, available and easy route.
  • Prevents prolonged waiting on the line.
  • The ideal solution for high load times.
  • Cost savings - fewer calls at the call center due to self-service.

Advertising - integration of advertising banners in the application.


Easy and convenient service experience that includes:

  • 24/7 availability.
  • Easy and fast availability of information.
  • All services and communication channels presented to the customer.
  • Support for a variety of languages.
  • Menu adapted to hours of operation.
  • Online satisfaction survey – immediate, not retrospective.
  • Surveys - through the SMS system.
  • "Wait for me" - invite a call with a representative without waiting for them on the line.
  • Prioritization - highlighting and prioritizing services that the company wants to promote.
  • Available response - at times of crisis / congestion at the service center. Advertising media platform - personal banners.

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