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Connect enables office rentals in various formats, providing customers with meeting rooms, training classes and related services.

  • The spaces are designed in an up-to-date style, are technologically equipped and create a pleasant and fulfilling work environment.
  • Plug & play – simply connect to the community, offices and people and have fun.
  • We offer a collaborative and open work environment that encourages commerical and conceptual interaction and strategic collaborations between people, companies and organizations.

The knowledge, connections and experience of Tikshoov together with the human resources found in our work complexes creates fertile ground for discourse and a vibrant work community, with mutual communication and action in the world of service and technology.


As part of the Tikshoov Group, the CONNECT network enables its customers to connect with professionals and leading companies in the field and be exposed to innovative communication solutions. The chain is booming, with the first flagship branches located in Modi'in and Netanya.


Connect lab is an innovation program in the field of customer experience.


Developing work practices that lead to impressive business results.


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